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A Country Christmas


Louisa May Alcott


‘A handful of good life is worth a bushel of learning.”’, ‘“Dear Emily,–I have a brilliant idea, and at once’, ‘hasten to share it with you. Three weeks ago I came’, ‘up here to the wilds of Vermont to visit my old aunt,’, ‘also to get a little quiet and distance in which to survey’, ‘certain new prospects which have opened before me,’, ‘and to decide whether I will marry a millionnaire and’, ‘become a queen of society, or remain ‘the charming’, ‘Miss Vaughan’ and wait till the conquering hero’, ‘comes.”’, ”, ‘“Aunt Plumy begs me to stay over Christmas, and’, ‘I have consented, as I always dread the formal dinner’, ‘with which my guardian celebrates the day.”’, ‘ ‘

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‘Yayın Tarihi: 08.05.2019’, ‘ISBN: 9786057892676’, ‘Dil: İNGİLİZCE’, ‘Sayfa Sayısı: 41’, ‘Cilt Tipi: Karton Kapak’, ‘Kağıt Cinsi: Kitap Kağıdı’, ‘Boyut: 21.5 x 29.5 cm’

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