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Positive Resistence


Renan Koen


‘The book you are holding; explains in detail the stories of survivors, who lived so long as to convey the history of hatred, which includes the continuum from thousands of years ago to the end of World War II, how they survived with resistance despite the brutality they experienced, and the life in the Theresienstadt Ghetto and Concentration Camp, where mainly the artists were imprisoned.’, ‘ ‘, ‘In this book, you will read about the reality of how an example of hate started and developed, with what distortions it turned into violence, and finally turned into a morbid act and systematically realized the design of killing, like the Holocaust, and then its denial and distortion. You will witness the historical documents that Turkish Jews born in Istanbul and Edirne, who migrated to Europe and were imprisoned in Theresienstadt, despite being documented as Muslims in their identifications, experienced the Holocaust.’, ‘ ‘, ‘The musical works and poems getting off the ground in all this cruelty and 20 music criticisms that the composer and music critic Viktor Ullmann wrote in Theresienstadt come to light for the first time in this book collectively.’, ‘ ‘, ‘In the light of the concept of Positive Resistance, which composers put forward for the first time as a result of deciphering the works they composed in this camp with the passionate research of pianist, composer, music therapist Renan Koen and the “Positive Resistance method” that she created for the permanent individual and social peace; “Never again!” regardless of religion,’

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‘Çevirmen: Sibel İpeker’, ‘Yayın Tarihi: 07.07.2021’, ‘ISBN: 9786052061299’, ‘Dil: İNGİLİZCE’, ‘Sayfa Sayısı: 288’, ‘Cilt Tipi: Karton Kapak’, ‘Kağıt Cinsi: Kitap Kağıdı’, ‘Boyut: 23.5 x 16.5 cm’

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